Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cuttlebug = my favourite thing (at least for now!)

So, I ordered a cuttle bug on New Years Eve and patiently waited for it to arrive in the mail and it FINALLY came yesterday! I swear the week felt like one of the longest weeks of my life... it's kinda funny how excited I was to get it (and I'm still very excited to own it!). I think I was mainly so excited because I had 2 ideas for cards I wanted to make and I really didn't want to forget them!  So last night, I took it out of the box, opened all 12 embossing folders I ordered with it and played all night!

Here is what I made:

Idea #1 - for my sister's birthday

I really wanted to use the Happy Birthday embossing folder for the background but also wanted the card to fit 'landscape' so I decided to use 2 different shades of purple.
In Cricut Craft Room, which I also recently started using, I made a spool of thread by welding a yarn ball from the Create-a-Critter cartridge, a square and two trapezoids... and this is what it created! I also ran the orange 'thread' through the Forest Branches embossing folder to give it some 'thready' texture :)

Idea #2 - for Valentine's Day (initially, but I already showed it to BF since I was so excited about it... so I'll have to make him a new card for Vday)

So I saw a bunch of mitten/winter cards when I was googling/pinning and thought that one of the embossing folders from the Oriental Weave set would make mittens look knitted... so I was determined to make knitted-looking mittens... only problem was, none of my Cricut cartridges has mitten cuts. So.... I created mittens in Craft Room (I love this software!) and made mittens from a fish shape, an oval and rounded rectangle... and voila! Mittens! I was so excited to run them through the Cuttlebug and I think they turned out pretty nice :) I also used a white gel pen to give a stich border to the card (thought it made it look more cozy).

Now, today I made 2 cards just because I wanted to play with the Cuttlebug, and this is what I made:

While googling/pinning Cuttlebug card idea while I waited all week for the machine to arrive, I saw a lot of cool ideas including single-coloured embossed cards and running envelop flaps through the Cuttlebug! So, of course I had to try this envelope thing and I wanted to use the D'Vine Swirls embossing folder but I wanted to make a card first for it to go with. I used D'Vine Swirls as the background, added some blue ribbon, and some black accents, a touch of rhinestones... and I made a wedding card! I lined the envelope with matching blue paper, secured it to the envelope then ran the flap of the envelope through the Cuttlebug and voila!

Another cool technique I saw was running aluminum foil through the Cuttlebug... and of course I wanted to try this too! I used the Clocksworth embossing folder with the foil to create a techy/inside of a computer/electronic background. It's so shiny! Sorry for the quality of the picture, I took it with my phone so that I could post it quickly.
Anyways, that's it for today... I think I may work on some other cards later... but I think I'm gonna go wake up my boyfriend now because our 30 minute nap turned into a 2 hour nap for him. It's almost time for dinner!

- Alicia

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