Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bridal Shower - Thank You Cards

Hi Everyone :)

I designed a dress in Cricut Craftroom by welding some images from the cartridges I known... and I had no idea what I was gonna create with this dress. So, I just made a basic bridal shower card:

After I made that... I still felt like creating and felt very creative! I recently saw Criss -cross insert cards and figured I'd give one a try. What I created was a Bridal Shower thank you card:

I then decided to make a blue one... and made some alterations, added some rhinestones and voila!

I love, love, love these! I'm not getting married anytime soon so I won't be utilizing these... but if you or someone you know would like to order some from me - let me know! I can make them in any colour :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Justice League :)

Hey :)
I've only worked on one card today - I'm exhausted and sooooooooo ready to call it a night even though it's Friday. My boyfriend's birthday is next month and he loves superheros, comic books, you know, "nerdy" stuff. Last year for his birthday I made him 'periodic table' cupcakes:

Not sure how I can top that off... but I am planning on making a batman cake :) (No, he doesn't read my blog... so I'm not spoiling the surprise and he already found out about the cake cause he glanced over at my computer while I was looking for inspiration... UGH. Keep your eyes on the TV, especially while you're playing a PS3 game!!)

ANYWAYS... I figure it's never too early to start a birthday card - so that is exactly what I did tonight!
Without futher ado - the Justice League of America!!! (in Cricut card form lol)

I desgined all the images in Craftroom!! I merged different shapes, elements together from some of my cartridges and I managed to make a bat, lightning bolt, green lantern and the superman lego (well, without the stylized S).

I love, love, love how it turned out! The only time-consuming thing about this card was the fiddling around in Craftroom (trying to make the symbols) the rest was easy peasy and now I have these symbols in case I ever want to use them again :)

Good night peeps!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mom's 50th Birthday crafts, Valentine's menu card (& Sorry for not being around lately!!)

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I left you all hanging for about 2 weeks.... but I now have projects to share!! (Not nearly as many as I intended on working on... but I also cut myself cutting a card last weekend which resulted in me going to the hospital for a tetanus shot and glue to seal my cut). Last week, after I cut myself, I developped an aversion toward all my paper.... and I totally thought for a second I wouldn't be making paper crafts for the next few months - but I couldn't disappoint my mom right before her birthday! So, once I sucked it up, I went to my cricut and did some creating!! (Warning: this blog post is very long!!)

First up, mom's birthday card:

The left side is embossed using my Happy Birthday embossing folder and sparkly purple paper :) (The black right side is also embossed). The Happy Birthday embossing folder makes the "P"s into flowers so I added tiny purple rhinestones on all the flowers for some added dimension and sparkle. I cut out the 50 using the Storybook cartridge and glued that to a frame I cut from Paper Lace 2. The "50" frame is embellished with white rhinestones and pop-dotted onto the card.

Next up, Happy Birthday Bouquet
I had seen this idea on the Cricut Community forums and thought it was a must-do! Paper lasts a lot longer than flowers... and my mom ended up getting 3 bouquets of flowers so it was nice to give her this alternative! I cut out some cupcakes and Happy Birthday sentiments (Create A Critter), some "50s" and the "Mom" is cut from the Opposites Attract cricut cartridge. All elements are glued onto a skewer and is arranged in the pot full of shredded scraps of paper). This was very well-received and I think I'm gonna keep this idea in the back of my mind for baby showers, anniversaries, you name it!

Last but not least, my mom's birthday gift :)
Intro: 50 is kinda a big deal, so I wanted to get my mom something special but of course had no ideas. Then it dawned on me that a lottery ticket for the Princess Margaret Hospital ( was a nice gesture... the money goes towards a very worthy cause and who knows, she may be lucky enough to win the grand prize show home (and if she does, this will be recorded as the best gift she's ever gotten!!!). Now... I knew I didn't just wanna give her the ticket, I had to present it in a clever way. On my commute Friday morning a brilliant idea poped into my head! And this is what I did:

I constructed a house treats box from the Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge. I think my favourite detail is the 'stonework'. I took some paper, ran it through the Tiny Mosaic embossing folder and rubbed some silver ink over it and voila - paper stonework! The roof is embossed with the Oriental Weave folder and I added some rhinestone flowers and rhinestones for some accent.

What I did was fill the house with chocolate coins, and the lottery ticket that read: Guaranteed to own a home and lots of cash! LOL At the very least, even if she doesn't win a house or cash from the lottery, she still owns a paper house and some chocolate coins! Sometimes I come up with very cheesy (read: clever) ideas that I just have to make!

My mom absolutely loved her gift and very much appreciated how it was presented so YAY! All in all, she loved all my paper crafts and says she still has no clue where I get all my creativity from lol.

Mom's birthday = success!

Valentine's day = success!
I didn't get around to making the 2nd Valentine's day card I wanted to make my love because I cut my finger.... but I had already finished Prince Charming and I had already finished some menu cards for the very special dinner I cooked us :)

I am absolutely in love with how elegant they look and they were super fast and easy to make! I printed out 2 menus on a 8.5"x11" paper, trimmed them and ran the top of them through my Leafy embossing folder. Next, I tied a red ribbon on on each, glued it all to a red mat and added a couple rhinestones. BEAUTY!

I have 2 more cards to post about but I think I'm gonna leave this post alone. Plus, one of those cards is for my friend at work so I don't want to spoil any surprises if she may be reading!

Until next time peeps! (And next time will not be 2 weeks from now!!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Prince Charming - Valentine's Day Card

So.... I gave my boyfriend the original Valentine's Day card I made him yesterday with a little everyday love note in it ('Awww' is what you're thinking but I'm not usually that romantic... ). Only problem was now I had to make him a new card for Valentine's Day, no worries, making cards is what I do! AND... he'll be getting 2 since I have another really cute idea to make into a card :) But for now, I will share the new one I made this morning:

A couple details to note for the crafters: I ran the baby blue background through the Spots and Dots Cuttle bug folder then inked it with a sky blue ink for for added dimension :) The background shape is from Storybook and is matted with orange card stock. The blue polkadot paper is from the Let's Party Pyramid stack of paper. The frogs are cut from my favourite cartridge Create a Critter @ 2.25 and 2 inches. The edges are distressed using green ink and I love how this effect worked on the frog bellies :D The sentiment "Prince Charming" is also from Create a Critter. I cut a few hearts from different shades of pink and red and embellished them with faux stitching with my white gel pen and also added the sentiment "to my" above "Prince Charming".  Oh... and I ran out of my pop dot dimensionals so I just folded up small strips of scrap paper 5-6 times, glued it together and made my own dimensionals to pop up the frogs :)
I think this turned out absolutely adorable... and I'm a Disney princess fanatic so I had to use the "Prince Charming" sentiment, and I went a little further with making both BF and I frogs (reference to Princess and the Frog for those who missed it... and if you missed it,  you must go out and watch the Disney movie!)

Alright peeps, that's it for today. I may be going to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D later this evening... so I'm excited and will be busy later not making cards :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Set of "Any Occasion" Cards

Hi readers :)

I am happy to say that I made my 10 card goal for January by making 13! Yay me! Here are the latest and greatest cards I made:

I decided to make a set of 4 identical cards for the simplicity of creating a group of cards at once and to create a set to sell. There are no greetings on these cards which make them perfect for any occasion, a birthday, thank you, get well soon, and of course just because. The lower green cardstock is embossed using the Forst Branches embossing folder (I love how it looks kinda grassy), the yellow on top is embossed using Swiss Dots. I added a brown strip I used my border punch on to tie in the brown from the sunflowers Fluffles, the cat is holding. The stamp I used is from the Fluffles collection by Stampendous. I have a few of the Fluffles stamps and I LOVE them... he is just so cute and everyone loves a cute kitty, no? I coloured him in with my Copic markers :) The image and image border were cut from the Cricut Storybook cartridge :)

I think these turned out fantastic and I look forward to making some more with a different colour scheme and possibly some new embellishments - we'll see what I come up with. But before I work on those, I want to make some birthday cards with the Birthday embossing folder so please look forward to those soon.

Thanks for looking :)