Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bridal Shower - Thank You Cards

Hi Everyone :)

I designed a dress in Cricut Craftroom by welding some images from the cartridges I known... and I had no idea what I was gonna create with this dress. So, I just made a basic bridal shower card:

After I made that... I still felt like creating and felt very creative! I recently saw Criss -cross insert cards and figured I'd give one a try. What I created was a Bridal Shower thank you card:

I then decided to make a blue one... and made some alterations, added some rhinestones and voila!

I love, love, love these! I'm not getting married anytime soon so I won't be utilizing these... but if you or someone you know would like to order some from me - let me know! I can make them in any colour :)

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