Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Shower FUN!

I can finally post the decorations I made for my cousin's baby shower!!!!

I'm very happy with how they turned out and everyone loved them! They were very well received... and I may be making a lot more of these in the near future :) (Thanks to my aunt for pretty much selling everyone my ideas!)

So, I have shown everyone a sneak peak of the banner before, here it is again:

Each letter I believe is cut at 3 inches and the bases/scallops are 5 1/2 inches :) All the letters are tied together with red and yellow ribbon.
And this was the final product:

I also made 2 centerpieces for the gift table and food table:

I love the Create A Critter Cricut cartridge... it is by far my favourite and I love the variety of the animals! For these centerpieces, I went along with a farm theme and cut 8 different farm animals in different sizes and displayed them in a pail, which the kids can eventually use at the beach, at home, wherever (they'll have plenty of ideas what to do with them once their imagination starts kicking in!)

I also made washcloth lollipops as centerpieces for each table... people loved them so much they wanted to take them home, but they were part of my gift to my cousin lol. Here's a pic one with an animal centerpiece:

My beautiful gift, that did not get unoticed.... at first glance, some of the ladies thought it was actually the cake :) They are washcloth cupcakes.... made with 2 washcloths and I cut some cupcake wrappers from my new Cricut cart 3 Birds - Life's a Party! (This cartridge is pretty cool cause it has different themes for birthdays - pirates, aliens, princess, etc. And each theme comes with its own themed cupcake wrapper... adorable!!)

And a close up:

And last but not least.... the thumbprint alternative guestbook!!!
I've seen this idea before, usually for weddings but I thought it'd be super cute to make one for a baby shower! And it would look amazing in the babies' nursery.

This is the final product (for all of you interested in how it turned out!):

It all started with 2 little piggies (from Create A Critter) holding on to strands of string... until people inked up their thumbs and left their thumbprint to create balloons. Some people left their thumbprint outside of the cluster... and there were little itty bitty baby thumbprints in the corner... what to do? Make them fly away balloons! I love, love, love how it turned out :) Hope my cousin loves it just as much!
Once people got the hang of what they were supposed to do... people really got into the idea and urged other people to come and leave their print :) Again, very well received!

Well, that's it for today peeps!

I am gonna try to work on some cards tonight... gotta get back into my groove now that I'm home from vacation, the baby shower is done... and well, there's still cleaning and massive decluttering to do around the apartment, but let's face it - making cards is so much more enjoyable (and relaxing!)

Oh, and for the sake of it, though I have posted it before... my baby card for my cousin:

P.S. I promise I will never leave the blog for 3 weeks again!


  1. i did love it you are awesome so proud to say i have a cousin so talented and artistic