Monday, August 6, 2012

Over 100 flowers, some glitter, and lots of Real Housewives of Orange County!

Now.... I'm exhausted!

I had a pretty productive weekend, to say the least. Not only did I make my first scrapbooking layouts, I assembled well over 100 flowers, made 2 "flower balls" for the centerpieces I'm working on, made some bridal party thank you cards, made a cute little flower pomander for the flower girl to carry, even made it all the way over to Michaels (in the rain and convinced the boyfriend to come with me!!), AND... caught up on my backlog of Real Housewives of OC episodes (while crafting of course). I am so anxious to see how busy I'll be when it is actually MY wedding I'm crafting for.

In total, I have created 8 flower balls and only have 2 more to make with about 6 weeks to go!!! AWESOME! What I mean by "flower balls" is the tops of these things:

... these are the centerpieces I'm working on. Only 2 balls to go (that's about 90 roses to cut and assemble), and I need to paint the vases... but the majority of the "work" is done!

A couple days ago I came up with the brilliant idea "hey, what if I misted the flowers with glimmer mist?!?!" I've never used glimmer mist or "Perfect Pearls" before so I wasn't sure if it'd actually work. I found Perfect Pearls mist at Michaels, tried it.... and there's such a beautiful, subtle sparkle to the roses now!

I also used the Perfect Pearls to douse the flower pomander I made for the flower girl. So much so you can see the shimmer in the picture :) I think it's the perfect little ball for her to walk down the aisle with.

Anyways, that's my update for now peeps! This is why I've been MIA most of the summer... I have more projects I want to work on once I'm done these (come to think of it... I still need to work on my recipe book from MONTHS ago!!)... as a little tease.... my next BIG project involves more of these paper roses.... and a foam wreath.

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