Friday, February 24, 2012

Justice League :)

Hey :)
I've only worked on one card today - I'm exhausted and sooooooooo ready to call it a night even though it's Friday. My boyfriend's birthday is next month and he loves superheros, comic books, you know, "nerdy" stuff. Last year for his birthday I made him 'periodic table' cupcakes:

Not sure how I can top that off... but I am planning on making a batman cake :) (No, he doesn't read my blog... so I'm not spoiling the surprise and he already found out about the cake cause he glanced over at my computer while I was looking for inspiration... UGH. Keep your eyes on the TV, especially while you're playing a PS3 game!!)

ANYWAYS... I figure it's never too early to start a birthday card - so that is exactly what I did tonight!
Without futher ado - the Justice League of America!!! (in Cricut card form lol)

I desgined all the images in Craftroom!! I merged different shapes, elements together from some of my cartridges and I managed to make a bat, lightning bolt, green lantern and the superman lego (well, without the stylized S).

I love, love, love how it turned out! The only time-consuming thing about this card was the fiddling around in Craftroom (trying to make the symbols) the rest was easy peasy and now I have these symbols in case I ever want to use them again :)

Good night peeps!

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