Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Little Man Mini Album (my first mini!!)

Apologies for not being around lately.... Happy New Year to one and all!!

I've taken some time away from my crafting for the past little while to focus on me. The holidays were super busy... I baked about 40 dozen cookies, 6 batches of brownies and I've needed some time to myself to recoup :) In other news, I also booked a trip to Disney World so I've been distracted with planning an amazing week lol.

My upcoming trip to Disney World actually inspired this project. I really want to make a  travel journal to capture all the memories of my trip and though I had kept a lot of souvenirs from past trips... I've never actually scrapped them. This trip is super special to me for many reasons so I'd love to record it. So I did some research on 'travel journals' and found lots of cute mini album-esque ones... but there's 1 problem - I've never made a mini album! (And surely I don't want my travel journal to be my first one lol... I need to practice the craft).

So... I went through my supplies and found some really cute masculine paper I've been hoarding for... oh gosh, I'd say about 2 years lol... and started crafting!

Here are some pages of the mini album:


I think it turned out super cute, and I feel pretty confident in making another 6..... or 14 of them :)

Thanks for looking :) And if you happen to want to buy the album - I have listed it on Etsy here.


  1. Happy New Year Alicia! I found your blog when I was searching for centerpiece ideas for a congratulatory dinner for my niece - a new veterinarian. She just finished her long education/internships and will get her Vet diploma in June. I am using my cricut and the create a critter cartridge mimicing the ones you made for the baby shower. Question - what is the green material in the red buckets? I bought green felt squares to cover the styrofoam but your green material looks better. Thanks Alicia

    1. Hi Allison! The material I used was either crepe paper or just plain ol' tissue paper :) I can't remember which I used but I for sure used one of them. I'm sure either would work out just fine! Good luck with your centerpieces, I'd love to see them when you're done :)