Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hang In There - Sympathy Card

Finding an idea for this card was extremely difficult, but eventually this idea came to me and I think it is absolutely perfect!

 Early this week, our nephew passed away. Even though he was extremely ill since birth, his death came as a complete shock. He was going on 3 years old despite doctors' timeline of a couple weeks (after birth), if that. His story is extremely devastating but that never affected how much his parents loved him, nor how hard they fought to keep him with us. To his family, he was a miracle, and a kick-ass warrior prince!

I didn't want to make just any sympathy card... so, this is what I created:

Dee & Shal, you two are the strongest, most loving, most amazing people I've ever met, and you gave your son a wonderful life full of love! Jediah will always be in our hearts.

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